Shelf Life Q&A with Barry Keegan

21 July 2014

In the battle for consumers’ spend retailers need to make sure they are a “destination” for their customers; how can Payzone retail offerings help drive significantly higher footfall and increase loyalty?

Payzone drives over 1000000 local consumers into retail stores every week to complete a wide variety of payments, primarily across four key categories, transport, utility, financial services and telecoms. We offer retailers a unique bundle of services that cannot be obtained from any other payments provider, from loading prepaid debit cards, tolling payments, leap cards and mobile top ups right through to essential services such as household utility payments, local property tax payments and prepaid gas and electricity metering services. These Services Work to drive customer traffic resulting in increased spend within the local Payzone locations. On average a Payzone user will visit their local store 1.5 times a week, creating strong customer loyalty and a long term relationship with that store.

The retail space is hugely competitive now in both margins & choice. How do you differentiate your solutions in such a crowded market place?

Our offering stands out from competitors for a number of reasons. At Payzone, we offer the widest number of retail payment services in the market place, working with over 80 clients to provide our retailers with a unique bundle of services. These unique services differentiate the local retailer from the big multiples and provide valued support to the local community. For the retailer, Payzone continues to invest in future proofing technology. We have broadband enabled terminals in all our stores and work with our retailers to provide the most convenient processes for them, including a retailer web portal where the can access their invoices and statements.

Over the last 12 months what innovations have delivered the greatest sales for retailers?

Prepaid utility payments have grown considerably over the past 12 months with approximately 220,000 meters installed across Ireland to date. We have also seen a large increase in Leap Card transactions as the integrated ticketing service for public transport has expanded to Cork and more operators have joined the scheme.
In the past 12 months Payzone has also launched the Parcel Connect service, so customers can now send and collect parcels and return online purchases via their local Payzone retail agent. The introduction of the new services on the network has resulted in an overall increase in the number of customers using the Payzone retail channel. According to research we recently carried out, 70% of Payzone customers buy additional items when completing their transaction in store.
Are there plans for any new products in the Pipeline?

Payzone is always trying to offer the best range of services for retail agents – we are constantly seeking out new business opportunities and investing in the introduction of innovative new services to add to our extensive portfolio. In the coming months, we expect to launch and rollout a number of new payment services, including an offering to facilitate the new water payments. Leap Card is also due to expand its offering in the coming months with Galway and Limerick cities expected to be added to the locations where the card is in operation.

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