Consumer research points to value of Payzone services

20 October 2014

An independent consumer survey recently conducted by RED C on behalf of Payzone, has highlighted some key findings, which demonstrates how Payzone is delivering value to its retailers.


The report shows that Payzone services attract a higher volume of customers into retail stores who subsequently bring additional revenue with further in-store spend.  Overall the 2014 survey shows a growing awareness of and continued enthusiasm and satisfaction for the Payzone service among users.

Respondents to the research reflected a broad cross-section of stores across Ireland, with relatively high usage of value added services from Payzone, such as prepayment top ups for energy, leap card, motorway toll, debit cards and bill pay for utilities. All interviews were with consumers who did a Payzone transaction and took place as they exited the store.

Key findings

  • 80% of customers say that they chose their local store specifically because it provides Payzone services.
  • 64% of Payzone customers buy something else when they visit their store, purchasing an average of three additional items with an average spend of €15.    
  • Almost 8 in 10 customers visit their local store to use Payzone services at least once a week.
  • 82% of customers said they often buy things they might otherwise not buy when they go into a shop to use Payzone.
  • 98% of customers value having access to Payzone in their local area.
  • Top three reasons given by consumers for using Payzone services include its ‘Handiness and convenience’ (67%),’ Easy to use’ (35%) and ‘Preference to pay in cash’ (25%).


Commenting on the Red C survey, Barry Keegan, Sales Director at Payzone Ireland said: “We are very encouraged by the independent research conducted by Red C. The research clearly demonstrates that Payzone delivers benefits to retailers offering our value added services, by attracting a higher volume of customers who consequently add to overall store revenue.  Consumer feedback highlights how convenience, ease of use, ability to use cash and control spend are key factors in why customers like and are drawn to Payzone retailers. 

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