Payzone Payment Gateway




PayzoneOnline allows your business to process online payments securely and efficiently in a cost effective manner

Our advanced technology is suitable for a business with an existing online store or for a business looking to expand to the web. Our simple solution facilitates set-up quickly and easily

Benefits of accepting Online Payments 

  • Provides a new revenue stream

  •  Increases your customer range  

  • 24/7 opening hours  

  • Adds credibility to your business  

  • Improves brand awareness

Benefits of Payzone Online

  • Excellent customer service  

  • Option to integrate with your current website  

  • Ultra-fast transaction time  

  • Customised real-time reporting and analysis

  •   Ability to assign different permission levels to staff  

  • Supports manual transactions for call centre payments

  • Payments page hosted by Payzone in compliance with PCI:DSS



Key Features:

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