With Payzone’s fundraising solution you can share your cause far and wide and make change happen fast!
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1. Create your account
It all starts by completing a simple registration form. You’ll have access to the entire platform, with no monthly fees and a nominal transaction charge on all donations. P.S. we’ll never ask for a tip!

2. Connect to your bank
We will help you to connect to your card processing service.

3. Create your first campaign
Build your ideal fundraiser, customising it with your image and tell your story as to why you’re fundraising.

4. Publish your campaign
Share your campaign far and wide. Publish to your website, social media, or email. People or groups can create campaigns on your behalf.

5. Sit back & relax!
With real-time reporting, all you need to do is watch as your donations grow. We ensure that you’ll get all your funds fast, with no unnecessary waiting, no middlemen and no limits!

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It was a very straightforward and easy to use system, after a day or two we felt like we had been using it all along.


78% of Irish People Use their Phones to Bank and Make Payments
Online giving grew by 12.1% in the past year
193 Million
Payzone Transations in 2020

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