Additional Services

We offer a range of additional services which are aimed at streamlining your business by reducing costs and maximising the potential of your Payzone terminal. Our Payzone Plus services include broadband connectivity, SMS marketing, and Cash in Transit.

Additional in store services


  • broadband

    Payzone Broadband

    Payzone retailers are eligible for exclusive rates on broadband and terminal rental packages. You can save your business money and avail of our fast and reliable connection speeds.

  • sms

    Payzone SMS

    Promotions, appointment reminders, and special offers have never been easier to communicate with Payzone’s SMS service. Packed with features, our service helps you to personalise and analyse all of your client communications.

  • gift_card

    Gift Cards

    As a Payzone Agent, you will be able to easily supply personalised gift cards for your business. Statistically proven to increase sales, in addition to being a great driver of customer loyalty and repeat business.

  • national_lottery

    National Lottery

    Offer a range of National Lottery games in your store to help increase footfall, spend and customer loyalty. All winning lottery tickets and scratch cards earn a commission for your store.

  • cash_in_transit

    Cash Collection

    Remove the security risk of carrying and accounting for your cash through our cash in transit service. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your physical cash can be collected, processed, and securely transferred to your business account.

  • cash_advance

    Cash Advance

    Payzone can now offer flexible cash advances to our retailers. With repayments linked to your terminal, a business only pays a percentage of daily transaction values as and when they occur.

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